Saturday, March 12, 2016

That scent of soil when rain hits after a long time...petrichor...!

It had been two long weeks at work, busy weeks at work. So busy that I had been sleeping at 3 am.
I finally gave sign off on my work and slept peacefully yesterday.

I woke up today to a sunny Saturday..
and I had this lag...shit-work lag I call it..
you ever felt that? kind of feeling?..

I tried hard to feel alive, to get the momentum back.
My mother was busy stitching a dress. I thought why not learn some stitching today and then I decided not to.:/. Might as well watch some TV.. I watched the movie 'The next 3 days'. The film was around a husband and a wife. A husband who would go to any extend to have his life back with his wife.? I mean prison-breaking extend?.Certainly not possible in a real world. But still, who wouldn't  kill for a husband like that. My thoughts wandered around the idea of love. Can love be as strong and forgiving as they show it in movies?. Of late , you mostly have movies on no-strings-attached relationships and you-are-allowed-to-cheat-it's-your-life approach. This one, on the other hand, did come as reaffirming. Reaffirming your faith in family and real love.

Done with the movie and still too lazy to get going, and it was afternoon already.

Suddenly, there were clouds covering the sun and a tiny bit of thunder outside. And suddenly, the sunny day went on to becoming a cloudy day. The way the rains call you from a distance and you know they are arriving. Some mood changer they are, aren't they?
Boom! I decided to step out and feel the rain. The rain that hadn't been a visitor to my place for some-long time. 

And they said -" Rest assured, you are not going to have a hard time sleeping through the night".

I couldn't stop humming my favourite song I hadn't listened to for a while.

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day

For love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight"

Listen here -> Perry Como - catch a falling star (I insist, you will love it)

Man should you turn this on , on a rainy day and sway as you drive?..

That scent of dry soil when rain falls on it. I could die on this ground right now and feel alright. :). (die and feel?:/..)..
If my niece had been here, she would have danced around in the rain..And I would have watched and filmed her dance. I couldn't remember the last time I danced around in the rain. I think it was when my cousins (mathu & bobina) and I played football in the rain. I think when I was in college.

The yard was sure all to myself. Well mom of course was busy stitching and no neighbours around.
No thinking again. Just run and splash those waters!.

when we dance you have a way with me, stay with me, sway with me...!!!

You get lost in the rains. The water so pure and cleansing. And so cold.!. Have you ever floated on water at night looking at the stars ?. For me sleeping with stars above is the only thing that can level with this feeling. "Give way to the might rains yo!!! Pennies from the heaven..let them absorb, let me dissolve.."
I was scared that my mom may scold me. Instead, I caught her enjoying looking at me having a little fun, while at the same time reminding me to be careful not to catch a cold.

As the madness subsided, my mom came with a towel. I dried my hair and I went out to take in the after-rains. No missing the dews of course. The unbeatable drops!.

To fall or not to fall?..

No, I won't catch a cold and I'm not dusting myself off ..!!!

..if only there were a line of ants passing through the top.

The little guppies in our pond frolicked around. You could just gaze at them and ponder as to what on earth should their concern be?. Do they know it's raining?.Have you ever wondered how fishes sleep?. Just stop swimming and stay put at a place and sleep..:/..?
Do they know they swim on the reflections?

This guy never looked better!!..Say hello to the ivy leaves climbing behind.
I hope they run wild and cover the fence from all the sides.

Bougainvillea shed the flowers alright.:)
How could people complain for some flowers falling on their yards?. We are not cutting that off because the neighbours complain.

And I shed the hangover from work...:)...

This was one such day where you stop and think to thank God.. May things stay the way they are. I ask for no more, no less  (yes no less..:P)...I am thankful I still get to do things the way I please. I am still at my own home.

Don't forget to tell this to yourself everyday- " Today is the youngest you will ever be."...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The cat that followed me home everyday...

I strolled alone every evening..
To watch the sun, to catch the setting..

A cat followed me home everyday..
All that purring and stroking.."Ye!!.run" ..I would shout, but it would tag along..

" You keep cats, you step out of line"..the old-fashioned way they taught us..

I would stand in my balcony and look around..
"Those ladies sure keep cats..they pet them and seem happier than me.."

The sunsets continued to excite me..
The cat still followed me back to home..
And I still didnt like it..

More strolls, more sunsets..
I slowly got the hang of it..
The cat became a day-to-day event..

One day, the kitty didn't show up..
I had to be relieved and happier as I thought I'd be..
Much to my surprise, I was worried..
And I missed it so badly I cried..

I know this..I know this!!
I should get rid of its sight..or it might just hurt me more...

No sunset it is for a while..!!!

The monotony started closing in on me..
Time went by ..

That's it..!!.Who would stop me from doing what I want...not the church..not my people..!

I head out the next day for the sunset and there's that cat..

In that spark, I ran to it, took it in my arms and started petting and kissing it..I brought it home..fed it and stroked it as I read in my balcony..

I'd wave at the other ladies and would find myself as happy as them..

Days went by, weeks went by..
The kitty kept growing on me..

It was different..
Not the usual friends, not the old parents, not the fighting siblings..
I would finish off my work soon, so I could go back to my kitty cat...

I stopped stepping out for my usual strolls..
No to sunsets too..
I might as well stay with my domestic love..

Crazily I worked...hastily I finished and hastily I ran home..
"Kitty, Kitty.."
I said again..."Kitty, Kitty..".
My voice feeble and turned down...
I stealthily moved around..
That's the last room...there's no sight of my love there...
It just left..left me numb and left me cold..

I sat in my room not moving...
Held on to my pillow as if it were that soft furry creature I clung onto for a while..
One tear slipped down my lower eyelashes..and then it poured..
My voice echoed in the building..

The balcony and sunsets would only hurt me from then on...
Let it go.. Let it heart would settle down for a while and then abuse for another while...

I wrote a while, I baked a while, I travelled a while..
My crowd were happy and so was I..

I revisited my balcony.. ..unclean and untouched for a while...
I looked around.. the ladies were still happy..I had failed to notice back then that the cats kept changing in their laps..
They are sure more beautiful than me, sure richer ..
But my heart is more beautiful, loyal.....

I would find myself getting excited and loving life like no one else at times..but would find myself shouting out with rage at some other times...
..that balance is missing...that love is missing...

I might walk past my cat again one day, but I might not hug again or kiss again..I might just shout with rage..

Rage like this and people say I may not have loved it ..had I loved it, I'd just let it go, let it find a better keeper..
May be my heart is not that beautiful..

I returned to the church , I returned to my people..
I found my peace again..
It's right when they say,."often people end up from where they started.."..

The cat that followed me home....