Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I want those days back..!.

Have you been thinking?. That the change we have been witnessing over the past few years has distanced us extremely from those old days -  the days when mobile phones were new to us, the days when we tripped on to songs like 'Pehla Nasha' or enjoyed movies like 'Hum apke hein kaun' , the days when God meant belief and not skepticism, the days when parents were your role models and siblings your best friends, the days when break-ups were hard to take and not 'just-another-one'.

Today we need Sunny Leone and item dances to complete a movie. And there is "my choice". And " let's just have fun, and break up when the time comes to be happy for each other(now that is convenient!)". And of course "Facebook".

#My take on facebook.

We have friends aplenty on facebook or instagram. Friends who you barely know from college or work, friends who won't be there for you in a crisis. Yet you keep them why? Real friends don't keep in touch through facebook! You just know they are there, no matter how far. You are depressed and you call'em up. You need some money- you won't hesitate to ask them. They are just there and won't judge you. No matter at what length you try to sell your point that social networking sites let you 'keep in touch', don't you think it is not really so?. I will tell you why :

1. All you do is see the pics of your friends, know what they are doing and where they are. So how is it different from not keeping in touch? Does that let you be closer or the least maintain whatever you had before? Face it : if you are not talking to them for a while, they are gone -no matter you be in touch with them on fb or not. You are just not rekindling your friendship. It has faded. The ones you call up once in a while, they are the keepers. Not the fb walas.

2. To worsen the matter , you come to know how far your friends have changed. Their attire, lifestyle, thinking everything so different from what you knew about them. Now there is intimidation and comparison, and where is friendship growing here?. The joy of meeting your long-lost friend after so many years overwhelmed in old memories is being compromised here. Because you know the gap is huge already.Gina tripani explains this better here.

3. There is a lot of superficiality. I still remember people asking me why I put the same profile pic for almost 3 years. I mean how can a profile pic be something to be judged upon?. Social sites and activities on them the new resume builder?.
Truth be told- you post to show you are happy. Either ' I am as happy as you' Or ' I am happier than you.' I am sure my friends who keep deactivating and activating their accounts just to take a break and attach to reality can sure relate to this!.
Some funny lines I have seen :
 Husband on instagram 'Surprised my wife with these lovely flowers'. Wifey reposting. 'Aww I love you too honey. Thanks for surprising me with these exquisite flowers today'.

Did you know?
a.*'Aww thank you' is the latest ' I am so proud of myself, You are a loser and are sure intimidated by my success/beauty. That's why you just congratulated me'.* I only have a problem with the 'awww' that is so superficial.
b. Did you know 'bitch' meant your bestie?. And if you have a lot of  bitch words and 'f' words on your tweets/posts - you have got the SWAG?.

Wonder why I re-iterate this while still sitting in-front of one,writing a blog.?.
Well at least I'm  trying to make a change! 

Now when that question bothers you -'No instagram account? '. 'You are so out of touch. Don't know about the video that has just gone viral?'. 'The latest phones?'
My father always is confused about using his accounts or the latest video conferences that he is to attend in office. I see my uncles clicking the like-button on popular actresses' page unaware of publishing their post to a wider audience and their children complaining 'Stay out of fb. Don't embarrass us.' :D.

I just have one thing to say - It is not like this is our generation forever. In another 10 years, we could be struggling to keep up with our children. But then again , do we really need to?. Because it is always better to accept what we are and not worry to stay updated. Like don't we like our parents just the way they are. Do we want them to be 'modern' or rather like them modest and outdated?. Well I sure like them out of touch. What I don't like are the people who get bothered and don't let others live in peace. People who look down on others and giggle -'Look at her broken english'. Well if she speaks broken english, that sure means she knows another language!.(I read this phrase somewhere). 

So as a word of reassurance, can we try tell this instead? 
It is okay to be outdated.
It is okay to find your happiness your way. Stealing away that priceless expressions on your kids face all to yourself and not letting the world know how happy you are.
It is okay to plough your field and take a long burp after the lunch and be happy.
It is okay to want to go back in time to those old days with no phone/networking sites but you were still happy. 

Happiness, or for that matter anything, is relative. 
Spending luxurious holidays around the world is not the only thing that can earn you happiness.

So to conclude, social networking sites are sure a platform for trying out your entrepreneurship skills and letting your voice be heard. But has this gone too far to limiting your day to commenting and reacting to something that really doesn't grow you.

Am I the only one who wants the good old days, when your horizon was limited but you were happier and healthier?.



  1. Enjoyed the post. True, we live in an age where we are more keen to show how happy we are or how cool (or should I say kewl) we are. But to offer a different perspective, these mediums are an easy and cheap way to stay in touch and network. And who knows in the cyber madness one may find something good and genuine.

    1. Yes. True we can connect with people easily. But with their 'online' selves. That's my opinion. About staying in touch with your old friends, I'd say whatsapp over fb :). And for someone who invests some good time online, yea finding something genuine is possible.

  2. Nicely written.
    I agree to going back to good old days. Renewing the friendship by a call or meeting in per person is genuine. Facebook May help us in finding old friends. But a majority of users in fb are stalkers. People who go stalk their ex's profile to see if they are happy, people who visit celebrity pages and dream to live a life like theirs, watching some photoshopped videos and believing everything they see is true etc etc.. it's always good to find real happiness in real world than in a virtual world.